SKF Life Cycle Management

Industrial operations everywhere understand that effective management of assets throughout their lifecycle can deliver significant value and reduce total cost of ownership. No single company is better prepared to help you achieve this than SKF.

SKF - at the heart of OEM assets

SKF has been at the heart of machinery since 1907. Our history of providing bearings, seals, lubrication, linear motion, actuation and mechatronics solutions for OEM’s in every major industry gives us a unique depth and breadth of knowledge of industrial assets. From specification, design and development, through to manufacturing and testing, SKF has worked with OEM’s to solve application challenges and deliver world-class solutions globally.

Supporting assets in the aftermarket

Building on this knowledge SKF has developed advanced services and technologies to maintain, monitor, repair and optimise your assets throughout their operating life. Providing the optimum replacement parts at the right time and helping our customers to optimize their asset efficiency.

Closing the asset lifecycle loop

We close the SKF Life Cycle Management loop when we channel our ‘end user’ knowledge back into the specification phase of next generation equipment. Technologies, such as condition monitoring, can be designed into new OEM assets or retrofitted, constantly improving and providing differentiation in competitive markets, adding value, and extending the possibilities for aftermarket services and enhanced machinery maintenance.

Delivering benefits to our customers

At every stage of the asset life cycle, SKF products, advanced services and solutions help our customers improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, improve energy and resource efficiency, and optimize designs for long service life and reliability. Ultimately helping to make them more successful, sustainable, and profitable.

Take a closer look at how SKF Life Cycle Management can deliver value to your organisation.

Maximizing productivity and reducing total cost of ownership at every stage

What is SKF Life Cycle Management?

SKF Life Cycle Management is a proven approach for maximizing productivity while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership for machinery over every stage, from specification and design to operation and maintenance. SKF draws on 100+ years of bearing innovation, application experience, and expertise in a wide range of technical areas to help customers, both OEMs and the aftermarket, optimize machine productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re responsible for engineering, maintenance, reliability or operations, SKF Life Cycle Management can help you:

  • Optimize designs
  • Reduce time to market and development costs
  • Improve energy and resource efficiency
  • Increase reliability
  • Extend machinery service life
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve safety
  • Minimize maintenance
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
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