Collaboration has Power

Catastrophic failures. Unplanned downtime. These are words maintenance managers at factories around the world could do without. Because what they both lead to is decreased production, increased costs and missed customer deadlines.

In today’s global economy, heavy industry and process manufacturers are not only competing with the plant or mill down the road; they’re competing against others around the world. That means key machines must be up-and-running as much as possible.

SKF’s asset management services help heavy industry customers predict when those machines may fail and plan shutdowns and repairs at the right time.

SKF works closely with process pulp kraft mill Zellstoff Celgar in British Columbia, Canada on improving asset efficiency at the mill. In 2012, the team even had zero minutes of unplanned downtime. Hear their story.

Starring: José Rabell, Project Manager PdM Services,
SKF USA Ed Weare, General Manager, Asset Management Services, SKF Canada
Doug Martin, Application Engineer, SKF Canada

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