Standard housing design

SAF and SAW housings are split pillow (plummer) block housings consisting of a cap and base. SAF housings have two or four holes cast into the base for attachment bolts. SAW housings have four cast holes.
SAF housings are available in two designs depending on the series. The designs share the same dimensions. SAF housings in the 2(00) and 5(00) series follow the M5 design (fig. 1), while housings in the 3(00) and 6(00) series follow the A design (fig. 2).
SAF and SAW (fig. 3) housings share the same external dimensions, except for the width of a few SAW sizes. These housings are wider to accommodate wider 32 series bearings or to accomodate the larger axial displacement of bearings in the 22 series.
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