Split spherical roller bearings

Split spherical roller bearings (fig 1) are primarily used for bearing positions which are difficult to access such as on long shafts which require support at several positions, or on cranked shafts. Their use is also beneficial where non-split bearings would require considerable time and effort for maintenance and more particularly for replacement; this would also cause long and expensive, or perhaps even inadmissibly long machine downtime. Split spherical roller bearings offer the optimum solution to such problems. The main application areas include conveyor equipment, long multiple-supported shafts and large ventilation plants (fig 2).
SKF split spherical roller bearings are produced to order. The design is tailored to the particular application and, for cost reasons, is generally based on available bearings of standard design. Before finalizing a bearing arrangement design incorporating a split spherical roller bearing it is advisable to consult the SKF application engineering service.
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