Shaft and housing tolerances

For split spherical roller bearings which are subjected to alternating loads and rotation, and to relatively heavy loads (P > 0,12 C), it is recommended that the shaft seat be machined to tolerance h6. For applications where the load is lighter (P < 0,12 C) and of constant direction, seats machined to tolerance h7 are also acceptable. The seat tolerance normally applied for adapter sleeve mounted bearings, h9/IT7, can be used where loads are still lighter and speeds low.
The recommended housing bore seat tolerance is H7. For converters, split spherical roller bearings are often used as replacements for the non-split spherical roller bearings which were originally fitted. In such cases the journal seats are to tolerance r7 and the housing bore seats to E7. The replacement split bearings are specially produced with the appropriate lager bore tolerances to match.
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