High-capacity D design bearings

D design bearings (fig. 1) are designed to accommodate heavy loads at relatively high speeds under low to moderate operating temperatures. When compared to other precision angular contact ball bearings, D design bearings contain the maximum number and size of balls. Their close osculation provides a relatively high degree of stiffness and the highest possible load carrying capacity.


Typical applications for bearings in the 718 .. D series include:
  • machine tools, e.g. multispindle drilling heads (fig. 2)
  • robotics
  • printing
  • measuring systems
  • racing car wheels

Typical applications for bearings in the 719 .. D and 70 .. D series include:

  • machining centres (horizontal and vertical) (fig. 3)
  • milling machines
  • lathes (fig. 4)
  • external and surface grinding machines
  • boring machines
  • machines for cutting or polishing stones and glass
  • semiconductor industry, e.g. units for detecting defects on silicon wafer chips (fig. 5)
  • boat gyrostabilizers
  • telescopes
  • microturbines
  • racing/super car wheels
  • medical equipment

Typical applications for bearings in the 72 .. D series include:

  • machine tool spindles e.g. live centre spindles (fig. 6)
  • lathes (main spindles, tailstock)
  • grinding machines
  • boring machines
  • Parallel Kinematic Machines (PKM)
  • dynamometers for engine testing
  • high-speed turbochargers
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