High-speed W design bearings

W design bearings (fig. 1), when compared to D design bearings, have a more open osculation and a maximum number of smaller balls. They can therefore accommodate very high speeds but do not have the same high load carrying capacity as D design bearings.
W design bearings are only available as hybrid (balls made of bearing grade silicon nitride), sealed and lubricated for life, angular contact ball bearings with an 18° contact angle. Their new cage design has a very high stability at low and medium speeds for reduced noise and vibration levels. They are available as single bearings for universal matching or as matched sets of two bearings arranged back-to-back or in tandem (→ Bearing arrangement design).


Typical applications for bearings in the S70 .. W series include medium-high volume production machines such as:
  • woodworking machines (fig. 2)
  • transfer machines
  • small machining centres
  • tool grinding machines
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