Attainable speeds

The attainable speeds listed in the product tables are guideline values and are valid under certain conditions. For additional information, refer to Attainable speeds.

Single direction bearings

The values listed for oil lubrication apply to the oil-air lubrication method and should be reduced if other oil lubrication methods are used.

The values listed for grease lubrication are maximum values that can be attained with sealed bearings or open bearings with an appropriate fill of a suitable, high-quality, soft consistency grease. For additional information, contact the SKF application engineering service.

If bearing sets with two or more bearings are mounted immediately adjacent to each other, the attainable speeds listed in the product table need to be reduced. Values for the maximum rotational speeds in these cases can be obtained by multiplying the guideline value listed in the product table by a reduction factor (table 1) dependent on the preload and number of bearings in the arrangement.

Double direction bearings

The attainable speeds listed in the product table depend on the type of seal and are limited as follows:
  • for bearings with contact seals (designation suffix -2RSH) by the permissible sliding speed at the seal lip
  • for bearings with non-contact seals (designation suffix -2RSL) by the speeds permitted for grease lubrication

Cartridge units

The attainable speeds listed in the product table for cartridge units apply to mounted, grease lubricated units.
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