Application examples

Screw drives are typically supported at both ends with bearing sets in a back-to-back or face-to-face arrangement (fig. 1). With universally matchable single direction bearings, it is possible to adjust the arrangement to the requirements of a particular application. Sealed bearings (fig. 2) offer additional benefits. There are fewer components to install, the bearing is protected against contaminants, and no lubricant is required during mounting.
For short screw drives, an overhung support at one end is common (fig. 3). Back-to-back arrangements are best suited for overhung supports.
Double direction bearings (fig. 4) can reduce the number of components. Bearings that are bolt mounted (fig. 5) do not require a housing and can be mounted easily.
For stretched screw drives, particularly stiff bearing arrangements can be designed if tandem arrangements, adjusted against each other, are used at both ends. Cartridge units with a flanged housing are particularly well suited for these screw drive designs (fig. 6).
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