Single direction angular contact thrust ball bearings

SKF supplies single direction angular contact thrust ball bearings (fig. 1) in the BSA and BSD series for shaft diameters from 12 to 75 mm. The bearings are non-separable and have a 62° contact angle. The transition radius between the raceway and shoulder on both rings is ground. This reduces edge stresses by approximately 30%, enabling these bearings to accommodate heavy axial loads and incidental overloading better than conventional designs.
Single direction bearings are designed to accommodate axial loads in one direction only and are therefore adjusted against a second bearing or mounted as sets. The bearings are universally matchable, as standard, and can be mounted in sets of up to four bearings for a variety of bearing arrangements, reaching the performance level of matched sets. A unique heat treatment helps to maintain a constant bearing preload over the entire service life of the bearings.

Matched bearing sets

Single direction bearings can be supplied as matched sets on request. However, because the standard bearings are universally matchable, SKF recommends reducing inventory by ordering single bearings only and arranging them in sets as required.
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