Markings on bearings

Each super-precision angular contact thrust ball bearing and cartridge unit has various markings on the outside surfaces (fig. 1):
  1. SKF trademark
  2. Complete designation of the bearing/unit
  3. Country of manufacture
  4. Date of manufacture, coded
  5. “MATCHABLE” label (single direction bearings only)

"V-shaped" marking

A “V-shaped” marking on the outside surface of the outer rings of universally matchable single direction bearings indicates how the bearing set should be mounted in relation to the axial load. The “V-shaped” marking points toward the side face of the inner ring that can support axial load. For sets of bearings, the large inner ring side face of the outer bearing should support axial load and should be mounted so that the “V-shaped” marking points in the direction opposite the axial load (fig. 2). In applications where there are axial loads in both directions supported by face-to-face or back-to-back arrangements, the inner ring side face of the outer bearing, to which the majority of the “V-shaped” markings point to, should support the heavier of the axial loads.
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