Permissible moment load

Axial-radial cylindrical roller bearings generally rotate slowly, perform slow slewing movements, or are subjected to load when stationary. Under these conditions, the maximum permissible moment load is limited by the static load limit and can be determined using

Mperm = 0,23 d1 (C0a/s0 – Fa)

=permissible moment [kNmm]
C0a=basic static load rating of thrust roller set [kN] (→ product table)
d1=outside diameter of inner ring [mm] (→ product table)
Fa=centrically acting axial load [kN]
s0=safety factor (→ Permissible static loads)
= 4
If frequent rotation or oscillation apply, rating life may limit the permissible moment load. In these cases, contact the SKF application engineering service.
Diagram 1 can be used for a quick check of the suitability of the selected bearing size under predominantly static loads.
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