Basic selection criteria

Bearing selection is paramount when dealing with machine tool spindles and other applications that require a high degree of running accuracy at high speeds. The SKF super-precision bearing assortment comprises different bearing types, each with features designed to meet specific application requirements.
Since several factors have to be considered and weighed when selecting a super-precision bearing, no general rules can be given. The following factors are the most important to be considered when selecting a super-precision bearing:
  • precision
  • rigidity
  • available space
  • speeds
  • loads
  • axial displacement
  • sealing solutions
The total cost of a shaft system and inventory considerations can also influence bearing selection.
Some of the most important criteria to consider when designing a bearing arrangement are covered in depth in separate sections of this catalogue. Detailed information on the individual bearing types, including their characteristics and the available designs, is provided in each product section.
Where demands on precision and productivity are exceptionally high, it may be necessary to contact the SKF application engineering service. For highly demanding applications, SKF offers special solutions such as:
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