Attainable speeds

The attainable speeds listed in the product tables are guideline values and are valid under the following conditions:
  • shaft seat and housing bore machined to the recommended diameter and geometric tolerances (→ Recommended shaft and housing fits)
  • light loads  (P ≤ 0,05 C)
  • good heat dissipation away from the bearings
  • suitable lubricant and lubrication method
  • light spring preload for angular contact ball bearings
The values listed in the product tables for grease lubrication can be attained using an appropriate fill of a suitable, high-quality, soft consistency grease.

The values listed in the product tables for oil-air lubrication can be adapted to apply to other oil lubrication methods. The following reduction factors should be applied:

  • 0,3 to 0,4 for oil bath lubrication
  • 0,95 for oil mist lubrication

Speeds in excess of the attainable speeds for oil-air lubrication listed in the product tables can be achieved when an oil jet circulating oil system with an oil cooler is used.

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