Static vibration sensor

SKF Machine Condition Indicator CMSS 200

SKF Machine Condition Indicator
The SKF Machine Condition Indicator is an economical vibration sensor and indicator for monitoring non-critical machines. It is ideal for machinery with constant operating conditions not previously monitored in plants (fig 1). The device can be compared to the "check engine" light in a car. What the "check engine" light does for the car, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator does for industrial machinery. Internal sensors measure velocity, enveloped acceleration (bearing or gear impulsive vibration) and machine surface temperature.

The included magnetic read-key (fig 2) is used to activate the SKF Machine Condition Indicator, change operating modes, set vibration baselines and acknowledge alarms.

The unit features three LEDs to indicate the machine and bearing condition. Once the unit is illuminated, it alerts the predictive maintenance technician to do a root cause analysis on the machine. In addition, it features a barcode with serial number for machine identification purposes and easy incorporation into an Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) program, maintenance routes or scheduled check-ups.

Click here to see how to use the SKF Machine Condition Indicator's magnetic read-key.


  • Customizable to your requirements
  • Velocity measurements support overall machine health
  • Measure enveloped acceleration to detect bearing degradation
  • Temperature measurements indicate uncharacteristic heat
  • Two modes of operation address most industrial machines
  • Built-in Intelligence to avoid false alarming
  • Standalone monitoring, long battery life

Easy to set, activate, integrate and change

Holding the SKF Machine Condition Indicator
A magnetic read key is included with the SKF Machine condition indicator to program, activate and reset unit. The key allows users to change operating modes, set vibration baselines, and acknowledge alarms. The top of the unit features a barcode with its serial number, allowing location and status to be easily recorded into an ODR programme, as well as maintenance routes and scheduled check-ups.

Overview of the SKF Machine Condition Indicator

SKF Machine Condition Indicator ordering information

Ordering information 
Designation   CMSS 200-02-SL
Two battery operated units 
Two CMAC 225 read-keys (magnets) 
Two CMAC 230 threaded mounting studs
(1/4-28 to 1/4-28)
Two CMAC 231 adapter mounting studs
(1/4-28 to M8)
Two CMAC 200-REF reference cards 
One Installation Instruction card 
One product reference CD 
Designation   CMSS 200-10-SL
10 battery operated units 
Four CMAC 225 read-keys (magnets) 
Four CMAC 200-REF reference cards 
Two Installation Instruction cards 
One product reference CD 
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