SKF @ptitude Analyst OPC downloads

Downloads may contain updates for system reliability, application compatibility and more. Contact Customer Service to check your options for upgrading your product to the current version. 

SKF @ptitude Analyst OPC
SKF @ptitude Analyst OPC
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SKF @ptitude Analyst OPC password request form
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Installation instructions

You will need a password to unlock zip files available in the download boxes above.  Follow these steps to acquire and use a password to extract and install your instance of @ptitude Analyst OPC software.

  • Click the "Request password" link in the box above to open a password request form. 
  • Fill out and submit the password request form.
  • You will receive a password to unlock the downloaded file within the next business day. 
  • Once you receive a password, double-click the MAOPC1222.exe file. 
  • Accept the default "Extract to location," or browse to save to another location. 
  • Click to extract, and enter password.
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