SKF On-line Motor Analysis System - NetEP

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SKF understands the difficulty faced when trying to both reduce costs and maximize electrical equipment reliability and productivity. The SKF On-line Motor Analysis System – NetEP delivers real-time data on rotating machinery from the convenience of an office or anywhere an internet connection is available. Based upon the monitoring capabilities of the existing proven EXP technology, the NetEP enables centralized data collection mechanisms connected to computer file servers to acquire machine performance data without having to go into the field. It continuously gathers data from multiple voltage busses and motors.

Increase machine service life

The NetEP continuously delivers motor and machine system data that allows maintenance professionals to keep machinery running optimally while averting costly downtime. This data flow provides valuable trending information to improve maintenance or replacement decisions involving machine systems. It helps extend the working life of rotating equipment by providing information needed to locate specific motor and machine system faults before they cause a downtime problem. It acquires and analyzes machine performance at regular intervals, minimizing the need to test each motor or generator with portable equipment at its location (e.g., at an MCC, or a motor’s specific location).

On-line acquisition capabilities

The NetEP integrates a wide range of machine monitoring capabilities within a network framework. This stationary unit collects data from up to seven different voltage busses with a maximum of 32 motors attached to a single NetEP unit. Connect multiple NetEP systems to a single server and it’s possible to monitor thousands of motors located anywhere in the world. The NetEP acquires power quality every 10 seconds and time waveforms once per hour.

Continuous rotating machine evaluation

The NetEP system operates with one voltage measurement per buss and current sensors installed for each motor. It analyzes over 120 electrical parameters and compares the results to user defined limits, alerting the user if these limits are exceeded. Fault alarms are received via a server network connection.

The design demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality, reliability and competitive advantage. The NetEP provides data on degradation of motor performance and the effects of overheating on motor operation. It also surveys plant motor efficiency, determines load mismatches and identifies oscillating loads. Results and problem notification are immediate, showing operating efficiencies, thereby allowing the user to determine the true cost of wasted energy.
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