Distributor LS22

Developed for installation in manifolds, LS22 are single-port metering devices for oil and special lubricants. When used in combination with one- to five-port manifolds, these prelubrication metering devices provide flexible options for lubrication system design. Connections with or without (M8x1) a quick-release connector are offered for feed lines and connections with a quick-release connector are available for main line tubes.

Features and benefits:
  • For use with manifolds having one to five ports to match number of lubrication points
  • Compatible with ø 4 mm for feed lines and ø 8 for main lines
  • Suitable for push-in or screw-in type fittings for dosers and push-in type fittings for manifolds
  • Robust, reliable
  • Suitable for up to 200 lubrication points
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