Pre-lubrication metering devices for use in single-line lubrication systems

Single-line metering device model 83535
Series SL-42 metering devices were developed for single-line, centralized lubrication systems dispensing oil or fluid grease. Lubricant output is externally adjustable, and the indicator stem permits a visual check of metering device operation. These carbon steel metering devices are available with nitrile or fluoroelastomer packing. Metering devices with fluoroelastomer packing (indicated by black adjustment caps) are used for applications requiring heat resistance or when a lubricant requires it for compatibility.

Features and benefits:

  • Screw-in type, single-port metering device for pre-lubrication affixed by adapter bolts
  • Suitable for use with manifolds having one to 15 ports to match number of lubrication points
  • Output is externally adjustable
  • Indicator stem permits visual check of metering device operation
  • May be combined in a circuit with SL-41, SL-43 and/or SL-44 metering devices 
  • Individual metering devices can be removed easily for inspection or replacement
  • Technical features
    Function principleprelubrication metering device
    Metering quantity, adjustable0,016-0,049 cm³0.001-0.003 in³
    Lubricantmineral and synthetic oil
    Operating temperature-26 to +93 °C-15 to +200 °F
    Heat resistantmax. +176 °C+350 °F
    Operating pressuremin. 52 bar
    max. 70 bar
    min. 750 psi
    max. 1000 psi
    Relief pressure10 bar150 psi
    Materialcarbon steel, stainless steel, brass, steel,
    Nitrile (NBR) or fluoroelastomer (FKM, FPM) packings
    (indicated by black adjustment caps)
    (heat resistance application)
    Connection main line1/8 NPTF (F)
    Connection outletpipe 1/8; 3,175 mm O.D connections
    Dimensionsmin. 41 × 62 × 43 mm
    max. 308 × 62 × 43 mm
    min. 1.6 × 2.4 × 1.7 in
    max. 12.1 × 2.4 × 1.7 in
    Mounting positionany
  • Applications
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