High-pressure metering devices for use in single-line lubrication systems

Series SL-V metering devices are for single-line, high-pressure centralized lubrication systems dispensing lubricants compatible with polyurethane seals up to NLGI 2. Output is externally adjustable. An indicator stem permits visual check of metering device operation. Individual metering devices can be removed easily for inspection or replacement. Each SL-V metering device includes a clear, polycarbonate protective cap.

Features and benefits:

  • Shipped with manifolds from 1 to 6 ports
  • Output is externally adjustable
  • Clear, polycarbonate protected cap over indicator stem permits visual check of operation
  • Can be removed easily for inspection or replacement
  • Available in carbon steel or stainless steel SAE 304
  • Output setting system by a set of color-coded sleeves
  • Technical features
    Function principlemetering device
    Outlets1 to 6
    Metering quantity0,25 to 1,31 cm³0.015 to 0.08 in³
    Lubricantgreases up to NLGI 0, 1, 2
    Operating temperaturemax. +82 °Cmax. +180 °F
    Operating pressure128-413 bar
    typical: 172 bar
    1850-6000 psi
    typical: 2500 psi
    Relief pressure70 bar1000 psi
    Materialcarbon steel
    Connection main line3/8 NPTF (F)
    Connection outlet1/8 NPTF (F)
    Dimensionsmin. 63 × 222 × 35 mm
    max. 203 × 222 × 35 mm
    min. 2.5 × 8.7 × 1.4 in
    max. 6.1 × 8.7 × 1.4 in
    Mounting positionany
  • Applications
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