Re-lubrication metering devices for single-line lubrication systems

Developed for use with single-line, centralized lubrication systems for fluid grease, series VN relubrication metering devices are offered with two, four or six ports. These metering devices were designed for installation directly on the vehicle or construction machine requiring lubrication. Series VN metering devices can be ordered with fittings for the main line connection via the appropriate order code.

Features and benefits:
  • Choose metering device with two, four or six points to match number of lubrication points
  • Designed for installation directly on the vehicle/machine requiring lubrication
  • Select metering nipples and push-in or screw-in type fittings for feed line or main line connections
  • Easy metering adjustment by replacing metering nipples
  • Black-colored surface for optimized corrosion protection

Configure the product according your needs, download the CAD file

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