P 230

Rotary, oscillating or electrically operated piston pump

Multi-line and progressive oil/grease pump Model P230
P230 - radial piston pump with stirrer

A derivative of the P 215 pump, the P 230 is a high-pressure, multi-line pump that can drive up to 30 adjustable pump elements. It is used within a multi-line system to directly supply lubrication points or within large-sized progressive systems. Due to the increased number of possible pump elements compared to the P215, a powerful 0,25 kW motor is used. P 230 pumps are available with a three-phase, multi-range motor or a single-range motor, and various gear ratios are offered. Suitable for grease or oil, reservoirs are available in different sizes with or without level control.

Features and benefits:

  • Sturdy and durable pump series
  • Continual lubrication of machines and systems that operate in harsh environments
  • Broad range of output options due to increased number of outlets and varying sizes of adjustable pump elements
  • Modular design
  • Easy maintenance
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