Electric Compact Pump for use with single-line systems

ECP cartridge version with 310 device in a single-line system
ECP group - versions with reservoir and cartridge

The ECP is designed to lubricate bearings and linear guides with oil or fluid grease. The pump works reliably in single-line systems of up to 20 lubrication points and a main line length of approximately 15 meters. It includes an integrated pressure-relief valve that enables its use in SKF single-line automatic lubrication systems. The ECP is available with pre-filled lubricant cartridges or with a choice of three sizes of plastic reservoirs for oil or fluid grease.

Independent from the utilized reservoir, the ECP operates at 24 V DC and can be controlled by an external programmable logic controller (PLC) for convenience. In addition, the pump is capable of manually activating a lubrication cycle. An easy-to-access venting screw enables simple installation and operational start-up.


  • Optional reservoir or cartridge
  • Up to 2 lubricant outlets
  • Fill-level monitoring with pre-warning functionality
  • Operating voltage 24 V DC
  • Controllable by external PLC
  • Six optional mounting bores offer variety of installation possibilities
  • Manual lubrication push button for easy system start-up or venting
  • Venting screw for simple venting during system start-up or after cartridge exchange
  • For indoor use


  • Cost-effective, reliable solution
  • Simple to operate
  • Extended lifetime of bearings and linear guides
  • Increased machine uptime
  • Precise and reliable system performance
  • System can be expanded with more lubrication points, considering limitations of the system design

Plastic reservoirs for easy refilling

ECP with 1.0 Liter reservoir for fluid grease
ECP with 1.7 Liter reservoir for oil

Users preferring flexible reservoir sizes and easy refilling processes should select the ECP versions with transparent, plastic reservoirs. To meet certain requirements, these reservoirs are offered with capacities of 0,5; 1,0 or 1,7 litres. Oil reservoirs include standard filling filters. Pump versions with reservoir capacities of 1,0 and 1,7 litres can be equipped with a fill-level monitor.


  • For either oil or fluid grease
  • Reservoir offers flexibility and easy filling processes
  • Different reservoir sizes available
  • Extended maintenance and refilling intervals
  • Venting necessary only during system start-up, not during reservoir refilling

Pre-filled cartridges

To eliminate the risk of lubricant contamination, SKF recommends the ECP version that utilizes easy-to-exchange 380 ml cartridges. The cartridge pump version is available with an optional, integrated level switch to monitor fill level. The standard cartridge is pre-filled with fluid grease type 00.


  • Minimized risk of using wrong or contaminated lubricant
  • Increased safety and cleaner work environment, less lubricant spillage on the floor
  • Inventory management can be rationalized and simplified
  • Safe and clean cartridge exchange without removing cap
  • Standard cartridge filling with SKF-recommended fluid grease, other lubricants can be provided on demand

Flexibility to your needs with ECP

Configure the product according your needs, download the CAD file

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