Electrically operated piston pump


KFA(S) series pumps include a maximum of two outlet ports to connect two independent lubrication circuits. A separate pump element is required for each outlet. Three pump elements with different delivery rates are available so that the volume of grease can be adjusted to individual circuit needs. This ensures that every lubrication point is supplied with an adequate amount of grease in each lubrication cycle. An integrated IG502-2-1 control and monitoring unit (model KFAS) operates in a time- or load- (pulse) dependent mode, with or without monitoring.

Features and benefits:
  • Integrated control system provides:
    • Non-volatile memory with PIN-code protection
    • Storage of residual interval, lubricating cycle and faults signals
    • Saved data in event of a power failure
    • Connection for external pushbutton and inductive cycle switch
    • Interval and contact times can be set independently
  • Fits in tight/small places
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