Electric pump unit for single-line or progressive lubrication systems

KFG in progressive version for stationary applications
KFG in progressive version
KFG in single-line version for rotating applications
KFG in single-line version

The electrically operated KFG pump includes a drive shaft with an eccentric that drives up to three pump elements. It is comprised of four main components: housing with pump elements, reservoir with fill-level monitoring, internal control units and attachments. The pump is available in eight sizes and two variants forstationary use or with grease follower plate technology for utilization in any position.
A variety of attachments permit reservoir filling, protect the pump (pressure-limitation valve) or enable the uncomplicated connection of the pump to a centralized lubrication system.

Features and benefits:

  • Durable and reliable components designed for extreme conditions (with positively driven pump elements)
  • Versatile: can be used with single-line and progressive systems
  • Safe: through fill-level monitoring, lubrication system monitoring, pressure relief and control unit
  • Pin code protection of control unit available
  • Options: Top filling, several electronic options, Can bus
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