Electrically operated piston pump for single-line, dual-line or progressive systems

SKF Multilube pumping unit
SKF Multilube

Designed for heavy applications, the modular SKF Multilube pump unit integrates all relevant components and functions: control unit, pump, reservoir, directional valve and pressure monitor. The Multilube pump unit has built-in heating to enable operation in extremely cold and demanding environments. It is compatible with all oil and grease metering devices for single-line, dual-line and progressive lubrication systems.

Depending on application requirements, auxiliary equipment, such as sliding surface nozzles and lubrication brushes, can be used.

Features and benefits:

  • Suitable for use in single-line, dual-line and progressive lubrication systems
  • Durable, compact structure featuring modular design for simple installation and start up
  • Two reservoir sizes available including overfill relief valve and electric low-level switch
  • Two-ball pumping element for operational reliability
  • Filling connection equipped with filter
  • External pressure relief valve
  • Optional internal or external control
  • Suitable for oil and grease systems
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