RA 20/45

Radial piston pump for use with multi-line lubrication systems

RA 45
RA 45

The RA 20/45 radial piston pump features a modular design that enables use of up to three stackable pump elements, and outlet reduction or extension can be achieved easily. The displacement of all outlets from a pump element is adjustable by a common setting device with a range of 33 to 100%. The grease reservoir contains a stirrer and screw conveyor to pressurize the grease into the suction chamber. This feature, in combination with a wide range of different selectable gear ratios, enables a small and continuous lubricant flow without the use of extra on/off timers.

Features and benefits:

  • Modular, pump-to-point solution for 1 to 12 lubrication points
  • Suitable for standard NLGI 2 greases
  • Grease reservoir for 2 or 4.5 kg (4.4 to 10 lb), optional level switch
  • Covers feed rates of droplets up to 10 cm³/min (0.6 in³/min)
  • Simple system design with adjustable outputs
  • Economical, multi-line grease pump
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