High-pressure multi-line pump


The SP / PFE multi-line pump is designed for very high system pressures. Its drive parts are located in the pump housing and are prefilled with high-viscosity gear oil. The special, guided-roller tappet drives the pump element arrangement in a 100% axial direction and eliminates side forces.

Each exchangeable pumping element contains a precise, volume-regulating device with scaling, a high-pressure, non-return valve and a high-pressure outlet adapter for up to 4 000 bar (58 000 psi).

Due to the pump’s unique design, lubrication oil can be connected from an overhead reservoir directly to the pump elements without the use of additional oil level controllers.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for continuous 24/7 operation
  • High-efficiency pumping elements
  • Modular pump design enables use of up to five pumping elements
  • Pressure-tight design; suitable for overhead reservoir connection
  • Large stroke adjustment range 0-0,14 cm³ (0-0.0085 in³)
  • Available as ATEX package with E-motor drive arrangement
  • Rack arrangement with additional pumps, filter and flow control equipment available
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