84960 / 84962

Hydraulically operated piston pump for use with single-line systems

Single-line hydraulic-powered grease pump model 84960

Models 84960 and 84962 are pumps designed to operate centralized lubrication systems that utilize single-line parallel grease metering components. The pumps are double acting, dispensing lubricant on both the up and down strokes. These units are designed for off-road equipment that utilizes 24 V DC power sources.

These units can be used in conjunction with Models 244270 (not potted) or 249605 (potted) cycle timers. Included hydraulic solenoids require 24 V DC.

Model 84960 is a hydraulic pump for use with U.S. standard 120 lb refinery drums. System components (pump, vent assembly, drum cover and follower plate) must be ordered separately. Model 84962 is a hydraulic pump for custom lubricant container installations. Pump length is sized for U.S. standard 400 lb refinery drum depth.

Features and benefits:
  • For use with U.S. standard 120 lb/54 kg refinery drum
  • Robust
  • Includes a hydraulic pressure reduction valve rated 4 to 55 bar (60 to 800 psi) output
  • System components (pump, vent valve assembly, drum cover and follower plate) must be ordered separately
  • For use with single-line metering devices
  • Technical features
    Function principlehydraulically operated, double-acting piston pump
    Metering quantity180 cm³/ min11 in³/ min
    Lubricantgrease NLGI 0, 1, 2
    Operating temperature–40 to +57 °C–40 to +135 °F
    Fluid inlet temperaturemax. +99 °Cmax. +210 °F
    Hydraulic inlet pressuremin. 20 bar
    max. 205 bar
    min. 300 psi
    max. 3000 psi
    Materialsteel, brass, copper, polyurethane, nitrile
    Connection outlet3/4 NPTF (M)
    Hydraulic inlet/outlet1/4 NPTF (M)
    Transmission ratio16:1
    Flow rate at 30 cycles/min3,8 l/min1.0 gal/min
    8496076 × 177,8 × 1083 mm3 × 7 × 42.625 in
    8496276 × 177,8 × 862 mm3 × 7 × 33.94 in
    Mounting positionvertical
  • Applications
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