Mechanically operated piston pumps

Mechanically operated piston pumps can be docked directly on an internal or external drive:
  • motor
  • gearbox
  • shaft
  • cam

In the table you can find an overview with technical details of these piston pumps.

Overview of mechanical operated pumps for lubrication systems

  • Multi-line lubrication systems
    ProductLubricantOutletsMetering quantity per outlet


    Mechanically operated pumps
    SP / GOil2 or 40,14–2,90.08–0.18
    RA … UOil1-200,07–360.004–2.2
    55 iOil1-140,2–12,70.012–0.77

    Mechanically or Electrically operated pumps
    SP / PFEOil1-51,0–75,00.06–4.6
    RA 20/45Grease NLGI 0,1,21-12
    P 215Grease NLGI 0,1,21-150,55–3,150.033–0.19
    P 230Grease NLGI 0,1,21-300,55–3,150.03–0.19
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