SP / G

Mechanically operated piston pump for use with multi-line lubrication systems

SP / G
SP / G

The SP/G rotary-driven, multi-line piston pump features a fixed, internal gear ratio of 33:1. Its compact pump design with only two rotating/movable parts is slide operated and requires no rubber seals, springs or additional non-return valves. The SP/G is available as a self-priming pump or as a pump with priming pressure. Designs with two or four outlets are available. The two-outlet version is offered in two different piston sizes respective of delivery volumes. One vibration-proof, stroke-regulating screw per outlet pair enables fine-tuned stroke settings.

Features and benefits

  • Virtually maintenance-free, vibration-proof, 24/7 design
  • Designed for high ambient temperatures and all standard lubrication oils
  • Machine operated; no under- or over-lubrication
  • Oil supply from machine sump or from existing oil circulation system
  • Adjustable output
  • Available for two drive directions
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