Pneumatically operated pump unit for use in single-line lubrication systems

40PGA with stainless steel reservoir
40PGA with stainless steel reservoir
40PGA with 10 liter aluminum reservoir
40PGA with aluminum reservoir

Pump Model 40PGA is a compact lubrication pump unit. The splash-proof pump operates pneumatically and can be controlled and monitored by the remote electric control unit ST-102 or ST-102P. The pump is available with a choice of different kind of reservoir sizes and materials, each featuring a spring-loaded intermediate piston. A low-level alarm is available in aluminum and steel version and pump is available with an integrated pressure switch.

Feature and benefits:

  • Compact, air-operated lubrication pump unit for demanding conditions
  • Part of a modular and modifiable system
  • Splash-proof pump is offered with:
    • choice of four different reservoir sizes
    • spring-loaded, intermediate piston in reservoir
    • steel and aluminum reservoirs are equipped with low level alarm
    • optional an integrated pressure switch
    Mechanical relief valve
  • Controlled and monitored by a remote timer continuously
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
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