82885 / 83667

Pneumatically operated pumps for use with single-line systems

Single-line oil pump model 83667

Model 82885 is an air-operated, single-stroke oil pump. It discharges lubricant on an air-powered forward stroke. The pressure is released on the lubricant line on a spring-powered return stroke through an integrated check/relief valve (3 way). Its translucent reservoir is refilled through a filler cap with strainer. The pump unit is suitable for systems with a large number of lubrication points and clocked greasing strokes.

Model 83667 offers the same features but includes a larger reservoir.

Features and benefits:

  • Reliable operation
  • Reservoir with filler cap and internal strainer
  • Suitable for use with single-line metering devices
  • Technical features
    Function principlepneumatically operated piston pump
    Metering quantity7,4 cm³/stroke0.45 in³/stroke
    Lubricantoil, synthetic oils on request
    Operating temperature-23 to +65 °C-10 to +150 °F
    Operating pressuremax. 70 barmax. 1000 psi
    Reservoir capacity0,6 and 2,0 l0.16 and 0.5 gal
    Material (reservoir)acrylic
    Connection outlet1/4 NPTF (F)
    Air inlet connection1/4 NPTF (F)
    Transmission ratio20:1
    Air valverequired, 3-way
    min.263 × 133 × 152 mm10.375 × 5.25 × 6 in
    max.470 × 140 × 152 mm18.5 × 5.5 × 6 in
    Mounting positionvertical
  • Applications
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