PFP-23 -2 / PFP-23-22

Air-driven pumps for use in progressive lubrication systems

PFP-23-2 and PFP-23-22 are air-driven grease pump units that include a reservoir and follower plate under atmospheric pressure. These pumps are made for small-sized progressive systems or for use as multi-line pumps. The output of one lever stroke is divided by two when using two outlets. A return line to the reservoir is available. Also the pump is equipped with a filling coupler to refill the pump. 
Features and benefits:
  • Small, compact, air-driven pump
  • Up to 190 bar (2755 psi) operating pressure
  • Port for return line is available on pump
  • Refill by grease coupling avoids contamination of grease
  • Available with one or two outlets

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