Air-driven piston pump

PP / PPG 15 pump
PP / PPG 15 pump

PP pumps are air-driven, single-stroke pumps that require a 3/2-way air valve to activate the air cylinder. Designed to supply grease through one outlet, the pumps are equipped with a spring-loaded follower plate and an indicator rod for level control purposes. Suitable for indoor/outdoor applications, PP pumps can be used with a primary progressive metering device or with a secondary-level metering device.
Similar to the PP pumps, PPG devices include an integrated metering device with eight outlets, enabling their use as small, air-driven progressive systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact, air driven units for up to 100 lubrication points
  • Indicator rod for level control available
  • Unique port arrangements possible (PPG)
  • Internal return of grease into reservoir (PPG)
  • Simple refilling from grease pail
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