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Electric solenoid valve for use with single-line lubrication systems

Electric solenoid-operated air valves 350241 to 350245 operate as 3-way or 4-way solenoid air valves. They are used to operate single- stroke or reciprocating-stroke, air-controlled pumps in single-line systems. Timer- and pressure-controlled air is supplied to the pumps, activating air-powered forward strokes and spring-(3-way) or air-powered (4-way) return strokes. In doing so, pumps discharge lubricant to the connected metering devices.

Features and benefits:

  • Timer- and pressure-controlled pump operation
  • Use as 3-way or 4-way solenoid valves
  • For operation of single-stroke or reciprocating-stroke pumps
  • Flexible usage selectable on electrical V AC power requirements
  • Technical features
    Function principle
    350241, 3502423-way, solenoid-operated air valve
    350244, 3502454-way, solenoid-operated air valve
    Operating temperature
    350241, 350242–18 to +60 °C0 to +140 °F
    350244, 350245–18 to +49 °C0 to +120 °F
    Operating pressuremax. 10 bar150 psi
    Operating voltage110–240 V AC
    Current8,4 A
    Current inrush
    350241, 3502440,11 A
    350242, 3502450,055 A
    Current holding
    350241, 3502440,7 A
    350242, 3502450,35 A
    Air inlet/outlet1/4 NPT (F)
    Conduit connection1/2 NPS (F)
    Mounting positionany
  • Applications
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