Lubrication solutions for rail applications

Managing friction successfully

Managing friction successfully

Thousands of trains around the world operate more reliably and efficiently because of SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems. By delivering precise amounts of lubricant directly to the wheel/rail interface, automatic lubrication systems provide significant benefits in terms of wear, energy and noise reduction.

Discover how lubrication systems help you to manage friction

Rail lubrication and friction management

Rail wear has been a challenge for many years in areas of tight curves or heavy loaded tracks. Additionally, in dry weather, the so-called curve screeching or squealing can occur.

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SKF Onboard lubrication
Lincoln wayside lubrication system

SKF EasyRail on-board systems for wheel flange lubrication and top-of-rail conditioning usually are mounted on the first leading vehicle axle. On-board lubrication systems have proven to be very flexible and effective for railway operators due to their variable setting options.

Wayside lubrication systems effectively apply a consistent and controlled volume of lubricant to the rail. The systems hold that grease or friction modifier in place, allowing the wheels to grab and carry it around the track curve. The product range includes solutions for gauge face, top-of-rail and restraining rail.

High-viscous lubricants and friction modifiers that are applied automatically and independently from each other help achieve the desired reduction of noise and wear.

Benefits of automatic lubrication systems

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