CRL 101

For the lubrication of slow moving rail type cranes

Wheel flange lubrication for slow moving rail-type cranes
Wheel flange lubrication for slow moving rail-type cranes

The SKF Lincoln CRL 101 lubrication system was specially developed for the lubrication of slow moving rail type cranes. The system is suitable for all machinery that operates on a rail profile according to DIN 536 Part 1 (size A 45 to A 120) and that are slowly driven.

The Lincoln CRL 101 uses two lubrication rollers for the left and right flank of the crane rail to evenly apply lubricant. The lubrication rollers run parallel to the crane wheels.  

Wear is particularly high on rails and crane sides that do not run exactly parallel. This is a problem that occurs especially when the distance between the rails is very large.  The lubricant supply to the lubricant rollers is typically provided by a Lincoln multi-line pump type P 205 and a downstream progressive metering device type SSV6-K. The indicator pin on the metering device can be used to visually determine if lubricant is evenly flowing.

Features and benefits:

  • The pump is available in different ratios and with an adjustable pump element, thus enabling the exact matching of output versus requirement.
  • In most cases, an electrical control panel for the pump is not required. The drive of the pump is simply run in tandem with that of the crane’s drive. Naturally, if desired, a controller can be supplied
  • Reservoir capacity: 4, 8 or 30 Liter – optional electric level control
  • For crane rail widths from 45 to 120 mm
  • R 1/4" lubrication line connection via flexible hose

  • Technical features
    Width of the crane rail45–120 mm
    Suitable for rail typeDIN 536 Part 1(Size A45 to A 120)
    Contact pressure50–120 N
    Feed line connectionR ¼” (via flexible hose line)
    Support plate and boom
    Application rollers

    Aluminum alloy
  • Applications
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