Contact lubrication

Wear-resisting chain guides clean chains while lubricating

Contact lubrication for chains
Contact lubrication for chains

For the lubrication of conveyor chains, the Lincoln contact lubrication offers essential advantages compared to the conventional brush lubrication. 

By using a plastic chain guide, the worst of the dirt on the chain is cleaned off. At the same time, the chain wear is reduced by an automatic and continuous lubricant supply. Additionally, the chain is carried through the chain guides of the lubrication system.

Contact lubrication has been designed especially for chains in pallet conveyor systems, e.g. in the food and beverage industry. These pallet systems are exposed to a high grade of contamination: wood chips, broken glass, and in the winter, ice particles stick to the chain and result in premature wear. Other applications for a contact lubrication system are passenger or freight elevators as well as escalators.

Features and benefits:

  • Chains are cleaned off, supplied with lubricant and guided at the same time
  • Long life system thanks to highly wear-resistant polymer-plastics
  • Robust and insensitive to contamination and knocks
  • Can be supplied with lubricant by any SKF or Lincoln centralized lubrication system (progressive system, single-line system, etc.) 


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