SKF Oil Projection System CLK

Airless oil projection system for conveyor roller chains


The SKF ChainLube airless oil projection system CLK, is a food-safe, reliable, easy-to-use solution for accurate, automatic roller chain lubrication. 

The system includes a central unit that precisely delivers a metered volume of lubricant to the points of friction of each chain link whilst the chain is in operation. A control unit is preset to the preferred timing for lubricant application. Airless projection nozzles have no mechanical contact with the chains thus minimizing applicator wear and dirt accumulation. 

The main components are resistant to corrosion and suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

All of these features make this solution suitable for the particular requirements of the Food and Beverage industry.


  • Helps prevent foreign body ingress, thereby helping producers support the HACCP* process in producing safe food
  • Improves productivity by eliminating unplanned downtimes
  • Longer service life resulting from reduced chain wear
  • Reduces energy consumption through decreased friction


  • Food and beverage industry: Drying kilns, ovens, stoves, sterilization systems, slaughter houses.
  • Car industry: paint shops and drying kilns, transportation of parts, assemblies, power trains and complete vehicles.

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