SKF Oil Projection System for Chain Conveyors


System description:

The SKF Oil Projection System for Chain Conveyors projects lubricant to the lube point without any direct mechanical contact with the chain. When the lubricant reaches the lube point, it penetrates by capillarity through the different components of the chain. A lubrication film is built up between the friction points and it reduces temperature and wear. It offers also an additional protection against corrosion and pollution as it prevents dust and particles from penetrating between the pieces.

The SKF Oil Projection System generally includes one or several electromagnetic pumps, one oil reservoir and a control unit. The chain is lubricated while it is running.

To get an optimal lubrication, very small amounts of oil have to be projected at the right moment on the lube point of the chain. A proximity switch detects the exact position of the chain, rollers or chain links, helping to determine the right time to project the lubricant.


The SKF Oil Projection System:
  • extends the mechanical service life of the chain and increases its availability.
  • improves operator safety by reducing the number of manual maintenance tasks. 
  • minimizes friction and chain wear, thus reducing the need for servicing and repair. 

  • Car industry: paint shops and drying kilns, transportation of parts, assemblies, power trains and complete vehicles.
  • Food and beverage industry: Drying kilns, ovens, stoves, sterilization systems, slaughter houses.
  • Miscellaneous: Escalators, luggage processing in airports, freight consolidation stations, etc.

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