Goldstar Paper Tech Ltd – SKF FX Transmission Bushings demonstrate superior quality and performance

SKF FX Keyless Transmission Bushing FX60-320X405 was installed on heavy duty paper roll application.

Goldstar Paper Tech Ltd (GSPT), a leading pulp and paper manufacturer in South Korea, experienced operational disruptions due to poor performance and quality of existing transmission bushings in their factory. These were locally sourced keyway and keyless bushings that had been installed in the pulp and paper roll assemblies.

GSPT needed an alternative and reliable source for efficient and effective transmission  bushings to minimize disruptions. They discovered the perfect solution in the SKF FX Keyless Bushings range. With a transmissible axial force and unique design, the SKF FX Keyless Bushings rage demonstrated superior quality and performance. This translated into a smoother operational process and significant reduction in downtime!
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