Customer from mining industry – SKF customizes transmission coupling weighing more than 2,000kg

FX Bushing application
SKF FX Keyless Bushing FX60-320X405 was installed on heavy duty paper roll application.
The customer, a business in the gold mining industry, experienced a major breakdown in its mill pinion coupling. The breakdown posed a serious problem as the customer did not have a spare transmission coupling available. In addition, a replacement coupling was not readily available on hand and had to be customized.

To compound matters, the breakdown had to be resolved urgently in order to prevent a mine-wide shutdown. Many major transmission coupling suppliers that the customer approached were only able to deliver the request in a minimum period of 4 to 5 months.

When consulted, SKF immediately took action by customizing the solution according to the customer’s needs. SKF supplied the customer with a coupling weighing more than 2,000kg, which was incidentally, the largest coupling that SKF had ever supplied. Even in the face of with unfamiliar challenges, SKF Power Transmission is able to provide quality solutions that exceed the customers’ expectations.
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