Industrial bearing remanufacturing services

Extending the service life of bearings to reduce costs, downtime and environmental impact

Wear, rust, indentations, microcracks…
Certain application conditions – like contamination or sporadic metal–to-metal contact in the rolling contact zone – can cause all sorts of damage to your bearings. As a result, the service life of a bearing is often shorter than the calculated rating life.The alternative is to apply a controlled remanufacturing process before any major damage or bearing failure occurs. This can substantially prolong the service life of the bearing in question, reducing costs and lead times. And since it requires less energy than manufacturing a new bearing, it is better for the environment as well.

The typical candidates of industrial bearing remanufacturing are:
  • large size bearings
  • caster bearings
  • backing bearings
  • slewing bearings
SKF is using its new bearings manufacturing standard, processes,equipment, quality assurance, knowledge and competences as the basis for its bearings remanufacturing service.

The full benefits of adopting the remanufacturing program can be achieved when you also utilize SKF’s predictive maintenance expertise to ensure that you know the status of your plant machinery at all times.

Our global network
SKF’s bearing remanufacturing network is present in most parts of the world and is continuously expanding with new service centres.Operating as a global network, we share knowledge, specific spare part procurement, and capability development. As a result, we can offer the agility and flexibility of a small company,but with the capacity, core competencies, and peace of mind achieved through working with an industry leader.These and other services are delivered by SKF Solution Factory, a global network of facilities staffed by experts from every SKF discipline. Your local SKF representative can connect you to a SKF Solution Factory near you.

Watch this video to see how an SKF bearing goes through rework

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